Friday, November 4, 2011

The Bustle Skirt- {An Accuquilt Review}

I have been making a few more bustle skirts for people lately....and can I tell you that I LOVE the accuquilt to cut the circles.  It is amazingly easy and fast....and I still can not get over the perfect circles (can you tell I am a bit of a perfectionist?).

If you are using the Accuquilt to make your bustle skirts, use the 5" circle cutter.  I used 90 circles for the skirts that I made, which covers the entire width of fabric, and was 6 rows of bustles on each skirt. 

To learn more about the Go! Baby Accuquilt go here.....and you can even sign up your email to receive free patterns!

And other good news of the day....for all of you who couldn't download the bustle skirt pattern before, I have moved it over to HERE so you can! 


  1. I would totally make one of these skirts if I had a go baby accuquilt cutter. I don't have the patience/time for imperfect circles right now. :) Hope you'll post the skirts you're making!

  2. Totally adorable!!! Now I'm wishing I had gotten the circle die!! Oh -well - Christmas is around the corner! :)

  3. What type of fabric do you use? I should something that doesn't fray right? Skirt is super cute! I really want to try it